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FRENCH GREEN: Clay Mud 5 Litre

FRENCH GREEN: Clay Mud 5 Litre

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Our range of pre-mixed clay muds offer powerful detoxification, drawing out impurities from the body whilst stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, removing dead skin cells, as well as toning and strengthening connective tissues to leave skin smooth, fresh and radiant.

French Clay Muds contain varying combinations of Illite, Kaolin & Montmorillonite which give them their distinct colours. The clay is naturally occurring in France, where is it harvested, purified and powdered before we hand-blend it with water in the UK to the perfect consistency.

Our innovative reusable containers help massively reduce the environmental impact that traditional plastic containers have on the planet. We encourage the return of our products free of charge, allowing us to clean and sterilise the containers for reuse.

As a Carbon Neutral Certified business, we planted over 750 trees in 2023 alone, the equivalent of 3 acres of reforestation and 120 tonnes of CO2e removed from the atmosphere.

At SE-LF, we create self-care products that are good for your mind, body and the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Aqua (WATER), Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite

How long will it take my delivery to arrive?

We offer standard shipping within 3 working days

Are they vegan, parabens-free, etc?

Naturally Derived

Why aren't all my bottles and jars filled to the top?

To help us reduce our environmental impact, we use standardised components, which means for some products the bottles are larger than we need for the amount of product. But rest assured, all the quantities are the same or above the amount listed on the label.