Why SE-LF?

Turning Skincare into Self-care

SE-LF is a company that is passionate about promoting self-care and mental wellbeing through high-quality skincare experiences

But why?

Our founder, David, started SE-LF as a response to his own journey with a mental health crisis and finding a need for more accessible ways to introduce mindfulness and well-being practices into people's lives.

These practises have been gaining popularity in recent years as people look for ways to manage stress and improve their mental health, however they can often feel inaccessible or unattainable for everyday people.

One reason for this is their links with
spirituality. Mindfulness and meditation practices have their roots in ancient spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, and this association can sometimes create a perception that they are only for the spiritually inclined. This has started to be addressed by "New Wave Mindfulness" movement, however, as a response to spirituality there has been a tendency to overly intellectualise these practises; making them seem too complex or difficult for people to adopt. Some mindfulness and meditation practices are taught in a way that relies heavily on intellectual concepts and jargon, which can be daunting for those who are new to these practices.

This can create a barrier for people who are looking for simple and practical ways to incorporate mindfulness and well-being practices into their daily lives.

With his background in the beauty industry, David saw that skincare could provide a perfect vehicle for helping individuals embed these practices, as everyone has some form of skincare ritual already, even if it's just simply showering, etc.

This is where the idea for self-care subscription boxes was born. A range of boxes featuring 5 handpicked indie-brand products, which fuse skincare treatments and well-being practises, such as meditation and mindfulness, into a guided experience.

However, the beauty industry has a serious issue it needs to address. It is responsible for a THIRD of all landfill and is a significant contributor to the global warming crisis.

So, surely, this means that using skincare as self-care is actually, selfish?

Find out how SE-LF is not only minimising it's environmental impact, but actually doing a little good too


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