Good for your Body, Mind and the Planet

From the very start of SE-LF, we believed that businesses have a duty to play a part in society, doing their very best not to just focus on profits, but to also be good. Whether this is for our customers mental well-being, or for the planet, or for the wider community.

Not only do our SE-LF products make our customers feel great and boost their mental wellbeing by allowing them to easily integrate mindfulness and relaxation practises into their life; but we also:

Support the planet

Our SE-LF products have been designed to be RETURNED. Allowing us to not only recycle our packaging correctly, but to also clean and sterilise the bottles and jars for REUSE.

As the climate crisis continues to worsen, we are constantly reminded of the need to reduce our waste and recycle more. While recycling is certainly important, it is not the only solution to our waste problem. In fact, reusing components is even more important when it comes to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Here’s why.
When we recycle materials, we typically use energy to break them down and turn them into something new. While this is certainly better than throwing them away, it still requires a significant amount of energy and resources. In addition, many materials can only be recycled a certain number of times before they become unusable.
Reusing components, on the other hand, eliminates the need to use energy and resources to create something new. It also helps to extend the life of materials, reducing the overall demand for new resources. By reusing components, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.
Beauty products already make up one-third of all landfill waste. These often contain single-use plastic components, non-recyclable labels, laminated boxes, and toxic artificial inks.

Our SE-LF boxes contain paper and card which is FSC Certified, we use vegetable inks where possible and our labels are biodegradable. This, along with our innovative bottle reuse, means we minimise our environmental impact... and we're always looking for more ways to do better

But minimising bad, isn't doing good??

So, we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to become Carbon Neutral Certified. Throughout 2023 we planted over 750 trees, the equivalent to 3 acres of reforestation and results in 120 tonnes of CO²e offset each year.

Increased Carbon Dioxide (CO₂e) emissions in the atmosphere are the biggest cause of Global Warming on our Planet. By planting trees and funding carbon offsetting projects, we remove and prevent further CO₂e emissions around the globe in the most cost effective and impactful way. We believe planting trees is one of the most sustainable ways to offset carbon - as forest projects absorb CO₂, refract the earth’s heat as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

So, this helps the planet, but how do we help society?

Supporting others

While our boxes promote mindfulness and mental wellness, we recognise that they are not a solution for mental health issues. In the United Kingdom, mental health issues are the single largest cause of disability, with one in four adults experiencing at least one mental health illness each year.

That's why we've selected the Mental Health Foundation to raise money for through various initiatives to support research and projects focused on protecting people's mental health.
The Mental Health Foundation conducts rigorous research and practical projects to identify what's most helpful and empower individuals to take care of their mental health. They also work to influence policies and challenge mental health inequalities by supporting communities at higher risk of mental health problems due to social, economic, and environmental circumstances.

Through our partnership, we hope to contribute to the important work of the Mental Health Foundation and support initiatives that promote mental well-being and reduce mental health disparities. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and by prioritising mental health, we can help create a healthier, happier world for everyone.

At SE-LF, we create self-care products that are good for your body, mind and the planet


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