Reusable Silicone Face Mask

FACE MASK Experience

Ensure your face to clean, removing any make-up, sunscreen, sweat or natural oils which may have built up on the skin

Select your desired serum:
Antioxidant: Great for nourishing all skin types
Hyaluronic Acid: The hero for an intense blast of hydration
Vitamin C: Ideal for energising and brightening your skin
We have provided more detailed information on each on pages 14 to 21
You can even use multiple serums at once to target specific areas of your face. For example, Hyaluronic on areas of dryness, Vitamin C on the rest of your face to enhance brightness & Anti-oxidant across your neck and decolletage for skin nutrition

Using the pipette or finger, apply a liberal amount of your desired serum to your face, avoiding the area around your eyes and any areas of sensitised or broken skin. There should be enough serum so that your skin feels wet to touch. It shouldn’t all absorb straight into the skin

Place the silicone face mask over the top of the serum and secure behind your ears. The mask is flexible, so should remain in place without feeling uncomfortable

The mask can be left on for 10-20mins
We recommend the full 20 minutes and use this time for the relaxation techniques provided on pages 10 to 13, or listen along to the audio guide

Remove the mask

Use the facial roller to you help the skin absorb any remaining serum left on the skin. Facial rolling has many additional benefits from smoothing frown lines to reducing puffiness and we highly recommend you follow the facial roller map on the adjacent page

Cleaning & Storage
To clean the silicone mask: simply rinse under warm water. Use your fingertips to help remove any serum left on the mask whilst rinsing. Lay the mask open and leave it to dry.

All your items can be stored in either a fridge or cool dry place until your next use. The serums must be used within 6 months after opening.



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