Rest Your Head Foaming Oil

Rest Your Head Foaming Oil

Introducing the Rest Your Head Foaming Oil, your ultimate companion for a soothing and relaxing bath experience. This product is designed to calm your mind and prepare you for a restful bedtime.

Free from parabens and SLS, this gentle bubble bath is safe for sensitive skin. It's made with naturally derived ingredients, including a gentle surfactant from coconut oil fatty acids.

Our highest quality Lavender essential oil adds a heavenly scent that calms and relaxes before bedtime. With the added moisturising benefits of Jojoba oil, this bathing foam pampers your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Indulge in the Rest Your Head Foaming Oil, made with care and naturally derived ingredients. Let the soothing Lavender essential oil, coconut oil fatty acids, and Jojoba oil envelop you. Wash away the day and prepare for a peaceful night's sleep.

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