MASSAGE Experience

MASSAGE Experience

This audio is an accompaniment to the SE-LF MASSAGE Experience Box, which contains 5 handpick products designed to help your mind and body connect with yourself or a partner.

Touch is one of the most powerful forms of connection and is proven to promote the production of Serotonin and Endorphins, the body’s wellbeing chemicals. Whether this be through self-care or the physical contact of a partner

Audio Content

00:00 - Introduction

03:10 - Hints & Tips

08:05 - Dry Brushing

18:50 - Body Cleansing

19:55 - Massage Techniques

25:25 - Relaxation Techniques

34:30 - Background Music (30mins)

The Experience

This guide follows the same steps and principles whether you are doing it on your own or with a partner, however we have included some specific guidance for those using the box by yourselves, as parts of your body just aren’t as accessible. (These are highlighted in the italic below)

If you are doing this experience with a partner, there is enough of each product for you both to take part. We recommend taking turns to do each stage and therefore complete the experience together; but you may prefer to go beginning to end, one at a time.

To set the scene, we’ve included our And Relax... Pillow & Room Mist (No.1); use this to scent your bedding, cushions and rooms. You can continue to spritz the mist throughout the experience if you wish.

Next, remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with, then follow the guidance and body map on page 10 of the magazine, using your Natural Boar Hair Dry Body Brush.
For those using the brush on yourself, switch the brush to the back of your hand and you will find it much easier to reach your back.

Once your body has been thoroughly brushed all over and your skin feels refreshed and exfoliated. Use the Lemongrass & Ginger Body Wash by Candle Spa (No.3) to cleanse your body, removing dry skin or impurities the brush has drawn out.

Next, find a comfortable position, this may be on a bed (we recommend close to one side so your partner can stand), on the floor with cushions with your partner kneeling beside you or sat on a sofa with your back facing your partner
For self massage, it is easiest sat in a comfortable high back chair

Take a small amount of the Time to Connect Massage Oil (No.4) and warm it between your hands. Do not pour too much at one time, it should be enough to coat your hands without pouring off. Throughout the massage, if you feel friction, simply top up your hands with a little more oil.

Use the techniques and guidance set out on page 12. We have included 2 simple techniques, Effleurage (sweeping) and Petrisage (Kneading). Use these in combination on areas of your body where you want to focus. This could be an entire body massage or simply focused on your neck and shoulders, the choice is yours. 3 key points to note:
- Where possible, always try to aim your massage in the general direction of the heart. For example, massage up limbs rather than down.
- Never massage with pressure over bone and never massage directly along the spine; stick to the tissue either side.

To help with relieving tension in key areas, we have also included a Himalayan Salt Ball. This can be used by placing the ball on an area of tension (for example a knot in the shoulders), then, using the palm of your hand roll the ball with downwards pressure.
You can place the ball on a soft surface (the back of a chair, on a carpeted floor, or a firm sofa) and lay your back against it. Then, by rocking and moving your body, you can use the pressure to relieve tension in hard to reach areas.
You can also place the ball on the floor, and roll the soles of your feet on top. This is a great way to give yourself a pressure point massage.
These techniques work incredibly well at relieving tension, as you know your own body better than anyone and therefore you can control the location and pressure you need ideally.
Do not put too much body weight or force onto the ball, as it is made of natural salt and may crack

The ball can also be heated or cooled, to aid in tension relief or inflammation reduction respectively. For information on this, as well as the other benefits of Himalayan Salt Balls, see page 22.

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