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MASSAGE: For Self or Couple Use - Edition 1

MASSAGE: For Self or Couple Use - Edition 1

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This is not your usual skincare box!

The SE-LF MASSAGE box is a guided experience designed to help individuals or couples pamper and connect with their bodies; featuring five carefully selected products from brands & manufacturers, as well as a Magazine & Audio guide.
Inside you'll find:

- And Relax... Room & Pillow Mist

- Lemongrass & Ginger Body Wash by Candle Spa

- Natural Boar Hair Dry Brush

- Time to Connect Massage Oil

- Himalayan Salt Ball 

At SE-LF, we also believe that “self-care should never feel selfish” and that’s why we’ve ensured we are a Carbon Neutral Certified business. We encourage that our boxes are returned free of charge after use, allowing us to clean and sterilise the bottles and jars for reuse again and again.

We also plant 30 trees every month and pledge 10% of our annual net profits to the Mental Health Foundation.n.

At SE-LF, we create self-care experiences that are good for your mind, body and the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the boxes called "Editions"?

All our boxes are made in limited edition runs, meaning the products inside may change from edition to edition. This means you can keep buying the same box but your experience will always be slightly different

How long will it take my delivery to arrive?

We are currently in our pre-sale stage. Boxes are being made up as we speak and should be ready to ship early in June. We understand that you may want your box sooner (we would love that too), but it's important we get everything right

What ingredients are in the products? Are they vegan, parabens-free, etc?

As each of our boxes contain different products in each edition, we cannot give specific guarantees to all of our boxes overall (other than we always ensure they are cruelty-free). Please check the box description and ingredient list before purchasing.

Why aren't all my bottles and jars filled to the top?

To help us reduce our environmental impact, we use standardised components, which means for some products the bottles are much larger than we need for the amount of product. But rest assured, all the quantities are the same or above the amount listed on the label.